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Preconception counseling

Annual Exams including pap smears

STI testing and treatment

Birth control counseling and Rx’s including IUD placement and management

Teen counseling and first GYN appointments

GYN problems

Menopausal support

LGBTQI sensitive services

GYN appointmentS

Consider making a GYN appointment with MoonSong Midwifery…

  • If you are looking for a comfortable and private setting
  • If you have ever felt like other women’s health providers have not listened carefully to your needs or have dismissed your concerns
  • If you identify as LGBTQAI+ and are seeking respectful appropriate GYN care
  • If you have never had GYN care and want a gentle caring provider for your first visit
  • If you are a teenager (or the parent of a teenager) and are looking for a sex positive provider who will answer all of your questions and treat you with the respect you deserve
  • If you are interested in an alternative, holistic approach to GYN care
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